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MasterLife is a proven in depth Bible teaching program that enables the learner to make Christ the Master and to master life by developing a personal, lifelong, obedient relationship with Him. Under the guidance of a mature, modeling leader, participants learn to practice these basic Christian disciplines as they grow toward Christlikeness: 

• Spend time with the Master • Fellowship with believers
• Live in the Word  Witness to the World
• Pray in Faith • Minister to Others

MasterLife consists of four six week courses, each designed to take the learner to a deeper level of knowledge, commitment, and service in their Christian walk.

MasterLife I – The Disciple’s Cross
Through this study, the participants will experience a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ as He leads them to develop the six biblical disciplines in a disciple.

MasterLife II – The Disciple’s Personality
In this study you will focus on Christ’s transforming your character into Christlikeness through the work of the Holy Spirit. Although you are a Christian, you may wonder why you continue to sin despite your best intentions, as if two selves are at war inside you – one controlled by the Spirit and one controlled by the flesh. In this study you will learn how the Holy Spirit can change your character and behavior into Christlikeness so that He can work through your will and your life.

MasterLife III – The Disciple’s Victory
This study is designed to help you achieve victory in spiritual warfare. You will focus on outer victory as you learn how to advance against the enemy in spiritual warfare. This study also introduces you to the Spiritual Armor. You will learn the defensive weaposn of the Spiritual Armor, which protects you, and the offensive weapons, which lead you to advance against the world, the flesh and the devil. You will learn how to demolish your personal spiritual strongholds and to “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

MasterLife IV – The Disciple’s Mission
This study will take you to the next stage in your discipleship journey by teaching you what it means to “go and make disciples of all nations.” As you examine MasterBuilder, an illustration of lifelong spiritual growth, you will make plans for your continued spiritual growth, witness to lost persons, and begin discipling other believers. You will discover your spiritual gifts and will determine a ministry to which God is leading you. This study will equip you with many skills you need to make disciples and to minister to others.

Your Life Will Never Be The Same when you learn to MasterLife

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